Last Semester's Holiday

          On 23rd of December 2016, i took my raport. After took the raport, all of SMAN 3's students were having holiday. We were going to have holiday about more than 2 weeks. I was very happy because i can do whatever without thinking about school. I knew that my family won't go anywhere, so before the holiday, i downloaded many videos like films, korean dramas, kpop videos, and games.
          I watched dramas everyday. My favourites are "W - Two Worlds", "Reply 1988", "Reply 1994", and "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds". But the most favourite drama that i've watched is W. There are so many plot twists. This drama amazed me. I recommend you whoever wants to watch korean dramas to watch W - two worlds. Although my most favourite drama was W, but the drama that can't make me move on was Reply 1988. This drama has a very good story and has many messages. They got good rating too.
          There was a thing that make me dissapointed. It was because that i have downloaded new games that i bought but i couldn't play them because of the internet connection. I moved to Buah Batu and we have to use a new wifi. But we still haven't done it. So i didn't play my games.
          What i like from my last holiday was when i went to BIP to play at Timezone and meet my community's friends. I have a community called MaiMai Community Bandung. We like to play an arcade game called MaiMai. I went BIP on 4th January. I was having so much fun. We made many game play videos. We made funny choreographs while playing. We become the center of attention haha. And what's surprised me was that i spend 100k in one day just for play MaiMai. And i lost my Timezone card and my BanaPass. I'm so sad.
This is MaiMai

          After several days, SMAN 3's students are having school again. It does make me sad. I still want to have holiday. But nothing can do...


  1. Aku ganteng wkwkwkwk... Diendors ya mi sama "maimai" wkwkwk.. Visit my blog at thankyou...


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