Megantara is a Culture Festival held on 10th of September by SMAN 3 Bandung at Bali Field. This is the last event of Student Council 63 of 3 Senior High School. I was one of the committee, Decoration division. My job was to make some decorations for Megantara. And this event was my first time to be a committee in 3 Senior High School event.
          In Megantara there were many food trucks and stands that sell foods, drinks, accessories, etc. I bought Pempek Palembang, Lemonade, and chicken noodle there (But i was disappointed with Pempek Palembang's taste, it's not worth with the price. lol). There were haunted house and face paint stand too.
          Megantara invited many guest stars, they are Putra Giri Harja, OSD ITB, UKM Bali, The Changcuters, RAN, etc. Although the main star was RAN, but the performance that i really want to see was T'ST. Oh ya, SMAN3's students did fashion show. They wore Indonesian raditional clothes. Aaannd, the winner was from West Papua.


          The visitors were sooooo many. I don't really like being in the crowds, but people's faces are happy, so that was ok. I met my Junior High School's friends too there. It wasn't raining. And the event was very success, i was happy. That's all, thank you for reading my entry~


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