Science Camp IV

          Hi! Now i'm too ambis to make this entry wkwkwk. Science Camp IV held on 16 until 17th of September. This is my number one favourite SMAN 3 event. I got many lessons, happiness, experiences, foods °(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ , and friends here. My subject was biology. beside subject group, i have another group consists of 5 people.
          We did the Science Camp at Bougenville park on Puntang Mountain. The scenery was so great! The air was so fresh and cool. The river water was clear, clean and fresh too. Here, we have to be polite and don't speak 'sompral'.
We were learning about biology here
          On the first day, there was mrs. Rike from LIPI. She spoke about research material. After that i had lunch, wrote scientific work, studied biology, did a research. In the evening, my group made a presentation and the words file. Before we slept, our senior told us to sleep earlier because the next day on 3 AM we are going to stargazing. Oh ya, we were slept in the hall, not tent because the rain were very heavy.
          When we woke up, our senior told us that we aren't going to stargazing because it was still raining. I'M SO DISAPPOINTED. But it was not our seniors fault too.. So after that we prayed and played a game. after playing game, we divided to some groups. In this game, we have to answer some questions. but my group wasn't win. 
          on 7 AM we had to breakfast, and packing. After that, we had to present our presentation. It took time about 2,5 hours. And then we took some photos together, played kite, etc. We were free after the presentation. 
           Actually i need the Science Camp pt 2 lol. It's not enough for me(?). This experience is so precious. I hope next year i can be the 'teteh biologi' on Science Camp V, haha. So i think that's all about my SC story. Thank you for reading guys!



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