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          Let's take a look to the picture, beautiful right? This place located in Santorini, Greece and part of  Cyclades islands. Why would i make Santorini entry from many good place? i don't know, hehe. Actually i know Santorini since i was an Elementary School student. I was very interested to see photos of Santorini. The pictures were very calming. I think it is because the blue and white colour. And i ever watched a film about throuser and friendship, some scenes are took in Santorini. I don't remember the title.
          In Santorini there are many blue and white buildings. But it doesn't mean that all of the buildings are blue and white. What are we have to do when we are here is to see the sunset and swimming at Amoudi Bay (this is just my opinion). The sea is beautiful.
          There is hot springs in Santorini. Hot springs is a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity. But the hot springs aren't particularly hot (and the sulfur content is very high). I hope i could go to Santorini one day.

(sc: wikipedia)


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