Dewa Athena is SMAN 3 BANDUNG sport’s event. Dewa Athena held on 23 and 24th March for 11th grader and on 25th  march and 1st April for 10th grader. There were many kind of sports contested. Like basketball, dodgeball, football, volleyball, 'gobak sodor', badminton, and many more. I joined badminton and dodgeball.

Now, i'm gonna tell you about the first day for 10th grader. All of the 10th grader student were gather on the Bali Field where the competition held. On 7.30 am i had badminton competition. My partner was Dea. We were play against X IPA 2. I was expected that we will be the winner because we played well before the match. But i was wrong, we didn't win the match. But it's okay.

After had the match, i went to my school because i have to study biology olympiad. We were discuss about OSK until 11 am. We discuss about plants' anatomy physiology and morphology, ecology, and biosystematic. After that, i went back to the bali field.

On the bali field, i confused what to do. So, i just watched some matches in the bangsal. When i watched other class games, my friend asked me to join dodgeball. I accepted that. At first, i don't really care about other games beside badminton. But, after i was watching other class' games, i interested to join. When it was my class' turn, we played. It was fun, but we didn't win.

After our class' game, i watched other class' games again. The most fun match i saw is the men dodgeball matches. It was very fun! They were full of energy. The audience cheered. There were many students watch this game.

After watched dodgeball, i played badminton with my friend. I like badminton sport the most. i have played this sport since i was on 2nd grader. After all of my class' games were over, i went to my friend's house. It was such a tired day!


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