About Me?

Hi~ Lemme introduce myself. My name is Ameera Eka Fitri, my friends call me Ami. I was born in Batam, 21st of May 2001. I'm 15 years old now. I used to live in Batam for about 11 years and in Medan for 3 years. Now i live in Bandung. I moved to Bandung on 2015. I was study in SMPS Al Ulum Medan and SMPN 7 Bandung. Now i study in SMAN 3 Bandung.

Now i live in Cikaso Barat 2 St. with my parents and my lil bros. i have 2 brothers. They study at SDPN Sabang and SMPN 7 Bandung. they are 6th grader and 9th grader. They are gonna have National Exam next year.

My favourite activities are listening to music, playing games, watching movie, chatting, reading and eating. I like Korean and Japanese song. I like rhythm games, FPS games, and RPG games. About movie, i like to watch Horror, Mystery, thriller, Sci-Fi, romance, and comedy movies. If talking about food, i like many foods~! My favourites are Hamburger, Bread, Cake, Chocholate, Meatball, and many more. it's like there's no end if talking about food, foods are amazing!

In the future, i want to be a surgeon (because i interested in anatomy) or scientist. I  always wanted to travel to beautiful beaches in the world, or somewhere that related to water. Oh ya, someday, i want to meet my idols too! Now i'm too young to make much money. So i wanna meet them when i can make money myself. When i success already, i want to Hajj with my family, i really want to do this, i should!

Okay guys, that's all about me. Add me on Steam: Kannaryu, Ok? And don't follow your dreams. Just follow my Instagram: @amiraaef HAHAHA. Thank you for reading this entry, bye~


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