World Tournament x Techno Festival

Hi m8! i'd like to tell you about my school's event last 20th of August. There was an event called World Tournament x Techno Festival (WTTF) by OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung. It was tiring and took long time, but worth it. This event was very fun.

On last 20th August, we should came to Bali Field on 6.30 AM. Oh ya, my class had a dresscode, it was black shirt with 'iket batik' (idk what should i say iket batik in english lol). My class with XI MIA 3 was gathering together and a senior from 32017 told us the rules. After the senior told us the rules, we went to our school and lined up.

When the event started, MIPA 3 went to a class. there, we played a console game. It was very fun. our class against class XI. But my class didn't win, no prob.

Second, we went to Taman Musik. There, we had a quiz. (It was like a tv program called 'Ranking 1') But, to win this game we shoud be the 2nd winner. i was took part in this quiz. But i failed. The question was " who is Steve Jobs?". And i answered "Microsoft's founder". The answer is Apple founder :') i was confused, wanna choose apple or microsoft hahaha. On this quiz, my class was the winner, yeay!

From Taman Musik we went to Taman Tongkeng. The location is not too far from my school. There, we made a 'cat' from cardboards. My friends were creative enough. While the others made the 'cat' some of us were buy some Tahu Crispy. I didn't buy it but i ask some Tahu Crispy to my friends HEHEHE. It was delicious.

After Taman Tongkeng, we went to Taman Fotografi where is not far from Taman Tongkeng. There we did many things. Took many photos, ate together, played, and shared stories. We played Twister too there. From my class, Hirzi and Aci took part in this game. I don't know who is the winner.

X MIA 3 at Taman Fotografi

After Taman Fotografi, we went back to our school. There, i prayed and went to Bali Field again. In Bali Field, 32018 and 32019 should attack aliens with water balloons to take the (what should i say?) puzzle(?). When the time to attack the aliens was over, we (32018 and 32019) should arrange the puzzle as one generation. Guess who was the winner?
32019 won! Yeay!
This is the result~

I was relieved when the game was over. I was very tired haha. But i added 1 good memory with my friends, yea~ So thanks to this event hehe. That's all about my World Tournament x Techno Festival story. hope u don't regret anything after reading my entry hehe. Thank you, Bye!


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